04/18 Tue 7:30 PM Bicycling the Chicago Way Part Deux ~ Shel Orkin
April 18: Bicycling the Chicago Way Part Deux
The six League Cycling Instructors (LCI’s) among the membership of the Evanston Bike Club will discuss and demonstrate bicycling tips to get you rolling in the right direction at the start of the traditional biking season.  Partake of the quintessential Chicago snack (hot dogs! no ketchup!) and learn what Daniel Burnham, Al Capone, the Cubs and culinary traditions have to do with cycling.   You'll also learn the basic skills that are covered when LCIs do safety training.  Chicago might be the “city on the make” but EBC members are “friends that ride at your pace almost every day” -- and we do so safely. 
Presenters: Joanne Davis, Liz Durham, Sharon Kaminecki, Andrew Kass, Barbara Miller, and Ben Schapiro
05/16 Tue 7:30 PM TOPIC TO BE DETERMINED ~ Shel Orkin